Based on Schubert’s Lied Wasserflut and Wilhelm Muller’s associated poem, this solo traces aspects of the lonely poet’s journey, being trapped by the invincible power of Time. Primarily reflecting feelings and atmosphere, there is a story told in a purposefully fragmented narrative. The poem itself talks about the story of a young poet, the hero (or anti-hero), through a year of rejections. Wasserflut, meaning flood in German, illustrates the end of winter and the hopes of something new.

Premiered in New York at the Current Sessions August 22nd, 2014

Duration: 8min

Choreographer: Nicole von Arx

Dancer: Jenna Pollack (2014), Molly Griffin (2015)

Music: Legomec

Other performances of Wasserflut include Splendid Isolation at The Delancey in 2014 (site specific) and First Look at Gowanus Art in 2015, both in New York.

Jenna Pollack, a hypnotic mover, opened the evening in Nicole von Arx’s solo Wasserflut. Eerie and feral at first, Ms. Pollack expands thru the dance into a compelling presence; her backless black shirt reveals her expressive dorsal musculature. As the piece evolves, Jenna’s shadow becomes an element of the choreography. Fleetingly glimpsed through a sonic haze are fragments of the Schubert song from which the solo draws its title.
— Philip Gardner

Photos by Corey Melton