Photo by K. Bonura

Photo by K. Bonura


Founded in 2014, NVA & Guests is a platform created to produce and spread the work of the performer/choreographer Nicole von Arx (NVA). Her work provides the audience with a vast array of projects and collaborations ranging from contemporary dance, film, photography and creative workshops. She offers an artistic experience that engages, challenges, and immerses audiences into both the educational and experiential aspects of her choreography.

Nicole is dedicated to fostering innovative, honest and inspiring relationships between the performers, collaborative artists and institutions involved. And even more, she seeks to embrace creative risk and intimacy to portray universal and captivating works. The company also aims to produce and present work worldwide creating bridges between people and culture, consequently giving the opportunity for an exchange of emotions and thoughts. 



Derrick Belcham (Director)

Elena Vazintaris (Choreographer)

Legomec (Composer)

Aksel Stasny (Director)

Pierre von Arx (Writer) 

Pavel Voz (Photographer)

Alexandra Roca (Director)

Todd Rosenberg (Photographer)


Dance Artists

Kayla Farrish (Dancer)

Matilda Sakamoto (Dancer)

Emily McDaniel (Dancer)

Tyler Schnese (Dancer)

Shelby Terrell (Dancer)

Eric Berey (Dancer) 

Jessica Alexander (Dancer) 

Amanda Krische (Dancer)

Michael Greenberg (Dancer)